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News archive for 2010

Archives d'actualités pour 2010

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Building blocks to Christian fellowship

 — December 24, 201024 déc. 2010

According to Pastor Harry Strauss, the Saskatoon Evangelical Ministers Fellowship (SEMF) intention is to build up fellowship among its members and within the wider community.

Strauss is an associate pastor at Forest Grove Community Church and chair of SEMF which is an association and fellowship of pastors and leaders from about 40 evangelical churches in the city. It also includes representatives from a dozen or so para-church organizations like Youth for Christ, Power to Change, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Christian Counselling Services.

SEMF has been operating for many years as an organization that sees its membership constantly changing.

“The heart of our mission is to foster a spirit of unity among Christian ministers and ministries in the city,” Strauss says.

The group meets monthly, and in recent years has become involved in a number of interesting initiatives.
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Ecumenical news agency suspended, editors removed

 — December 20, 201020 déc. 2010

Ecumenical News International, an award-winning agency reporting on religion and based at the World Council of Churches (WCC), has been temporarily closed and had its two top editors removed, one of them said on Monday.

The decision, taken at a meeting of its executive committee last week, comes after the Geneva-based WCC cut the agency’s funding and its former head criticised its coverage.

The suspension and leadership changes led to the resignation of the ENI president and its treasurer, both senior figures in Scandinavian Protestant churches, a report by the agency said.
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The Green Church

 — December 17, 201017 déc. 2010

Last year, Green Church was a humble project run by a committee linking inspiration and environmental action together. Since September 2010, Green Church is now a national program offered by the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism in both English and French. We redesigned the logo with a green maple leaf and a cross to reflect the mission of the program
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Dutch synod looks to mend historic Protestant splits

 — December 16, 201016 déc. 2010

A gathering to improve relations between the many Protestant denominations in the Netherlands recently took place on the site of an earlier historic synod, though any idea of complete church unity taking place was said to smack of “an unrealistic utopia.” About 700 Christians from 50 Prot­estant churches attended what was billed as a “national synod” December 10-11 in the main church in the town of Dor­drecht.
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Bishop Munib A. Younan of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and the Holy Land is president of the Lutheran World Federation

Lutheran president, Munib Younan, seeks eucharistic accord with Pope

 — December 15, 201015 déc. 2010

The president of the Lutheran World Federation, Bishop Munib Younan has said before meeting Pope Benedict XVI that their churches should issue a common statement on Holy Communion to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation that Martin Luther began in 1517.

“Our [the Lutheran federation’s] intention is to arrive at 2017 with a common Roman Catholic-Lutheran declaration on eucharistic hospitality,” Younan told the Italian Protestant news agency NEV the day before his audience with the Pope Dec. 16.
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PCUSA initiates formal dialogue with Adventists

 — December 9, 20109 déc. 2010

After several years of informal talks, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Seventh-day Adventist Church held their first formal dialogue in late-October in Chicago.
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Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, World Council of Churches general secretary

Pope gets gloves from WCC leader to warm relations

 — December 6, 20106 déc. 2010

The head of the World Council of Churches in his first official meeting with Pope Benedict XVI has said he wants to strengthen cooperation with the Roman Catholic Church, especially in the Middle East.
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Church leaders support Good Food Junction

 — November 27, 201027 nov. 2010

Church leaders support Good Food Junction; Grocery store heart of Station 20 West Advent sees many churches encouraging members to give a special gift to charity. This year, local church leaders suggest these gifts be directed to the Good Food Junction project at Station 20 West. Earlier this week, local leaders from a variety of
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Green church program aims at environmental awareness

 — November 25, 201025 nov. 2010

More help is being offered to churches that want to do something about climate change.

The Montreal-based Canadian Centre for Ecumenism has launched the Green Church program to advise churches on ways to reduce their carbon footprint and lower heating bills. Joined with Toronto-based Greening Sacred Spaces, Green Church will offer certification to churches that achieve a high level of environmental awareness and act on it starting in April 2011.
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The Saskatoon Church Leaders: Bishop Donald Bolen, Bishop Bryan Bayda, Jay Cowsill, Rev. Harry Strauss, Rev. Ron McConnell, Rev. Jeremiah Buhler, Bishop Cindy Halmarson, Bishop David Irving, Peter Guenther, and Rev. Amanda Currie

Churches Together: Supporting Station 20 West

 — November 24, 201024 nov. 2010

The leaders of many Saskatoon churches gathered on Wednesday, November 24th to sign a letter of support for Station 20 West’s Good Food Junction grocery store. The churches have agreed to work together as an ecumenical advent project, to raise much-needed funds for the equipment required by the store.

At today’s public event, the Rev. Amanda Currie (Presbyterian Church in Canada) and Bishop Donald Bolen (Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon) offered their reflections on this project. Speaking about the dream of having a full-service grocery store in the core neighbourhoods, Currie said: “What may come as a surprise to many people across Saskatoon is that many of the families and individuals who live in the core neighbourhoods are not dreaming that they’ll get to move to the East side. Their dream is the transformation of their own neighbourhoods. And that is a dream that can become a reality.”

“We do have differences which separate us as Christian communities, but nevertheless we chose to stand together today,” said Bolen, the Roman Catholic bishop of Saskatoon. “We hope this is an invitation to all of Saskatoon to rise above differences, political differences, differences of neighbourhoods or perspective, to join in support of people of Pleasant Hill.”

“The only politics that really belongs here is the politics of providing food to people who need food, to providing food security for this neighbourhood,” said Bolen.
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Are We Getting Anywhere With Ecumenism?

 — November 23, 201023 nov. 2010

Pontifical Council President Gives a Report of the “Harvest” [Rome • Zenit.org] The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity just marked its 50th birthday. The council’s president saw this as an opportune moment to look at what progress has been made in five decades of dialogue and prayer. Cardinal Kurt Koch presented a report last
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Verbum Domini – a new papal letter on the Word of God

 — November 20, 201020 nov. 2010

Last week, the Vatican published a new papal letter from Benedict XVI entitled Verbum Domini, the Word of the Lord. Technically called an “apostolic exhortation,” this letter is the final contribution from the 2008 synod. At over 190 pages in the English text, the new letter is a “must read” for all ecumenists.
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The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams: Towards a new stage of ecumenical dialogue

 — November 17, 201017 nov. 2010

An address given by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, at a conference to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, on November 17, 2010. The theme of the conference was “Towards a new stage of ecumenical dialogue.”
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Tehran-Vatican dialogue affirms religious freedom

 — November 16, 201016 nov. 2010

The Centre for Inter-Religious Dialogue of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organisation (Tehran, Iran) and the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue held their seventh colloquium in Tehran from 9 to 11 November under the joint presidency of Mohammad Baqer Khorramshad, president of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organisation, and of Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.
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Bishop Donald Bolen of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon

Remembering, Seeing, Hoping: An Ecumenical Advent Retreat

 — November 12, 201012 nov. 2010

Remembering, Seeing, Hoping: An Ecumenical Advent Retreat with Bishop Donald Bolen
Queen’s House of Retreat and Renewal, 601 Taylor Street, Saskatoon
Friday November 26, 2010 to Sunday November 28, 2010
To register call 306-242-1916, or register online at www.queenshouse.org
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Fiftieth Anniversary of Secretariat for Christian Unity

 — November 9, 20109 nov. 2010

On Wednesday 17 November, at the “Sala San Pio X”, at Via della Conciliazione 5, Rome, the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity will hold a public commemoration to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, says a communiqué released today.
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H.R.H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal and Archbishop Dr Anders Wejryd were the keynote speakers at the opening of the consultation.

International Christian-Muslim consultation opens in Geneva

 — November 2, 20102 nov. 2010

“Our theology is not the same,” said Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal of Jordan, “but we are all in the same boat.” The prince was addressing an assembly of Christians and Muslims gathered in Geneva, Switzerland to mark the beginning on Monday of a four-day international consultation on Muslim-Christian dialogue.
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Special needs met in a special place

 — October 30, 201030 oct. 2010

Special needs met in a special place; Former Presbyterian church becomes resource for the mentally challenged Several decades ago, five lots of city land on McKercher Drive were donated to the Presbyterian Church in Canada by the McKercher family, long-time members of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. A plan was eventually put together to develop a
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Celebrating Easter Together

 — October 27, 201027 oct. 2010

By Nicholas Jesson On April 24th next year, we will celebrate Easter together in the Eastern and Western calendars. This happens occasionally, and it can always be a moment of great ecumenical opportunity. However, it also reflects one of the deepest divisions in the Body of Christ. Easter, as the celebration of the passion, death,
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U.S. Lutheran-Catholic dialogue on “The Hope of Eternal Life”

 — October 26, 201026 oct. 2010

Members of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue in the United States approved by unanimous consent on October 17 the dialogue’s final report on “The Hope of Eternal Life.” The 65-page report represents the fruit of the dialogue’s four-and-a-half-year study. It explores issues related to the Christian’s life beyond death, such as the communion of saints, resurrection of the dead, and final judgment, as well as historically divisive issues such as purgatory, indulgences, and prayers for the dead.
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